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Colorful Loom Woven Wrist Cuff

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Loom weaving is a new medium that I love! Almost any kind of thread, ribbon, yarn, or other string materials can be woven into any pattern chosen. From wrist wear to necklaces to wall hangings, loom weaving can go as far as your imagination will take you.

The front of this item was weaved on a loom using several different variegated silk threads, decorative yarn and ribbon and seed beads in a random pattern. This weaved piece was attached to an ultrasuede backing over a 1 1/2" wide brass cuff and finished with seed beads around the perimeter.

This cuff can be opened up or squeezed tighter as brass is somewhat flexible. Just pull the ends apart to put on, then squeeze them shut for a comfortable fit.

A very fun, colorful, unusual wrist cuff.

This pattern was provided by Mirrix Looms.

Colorful Loom Woven Wrist Cuff

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