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Loom Woven Shades of Lilac Friendship Bracelet

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Product Description

Muted colors of lilac, pink and purple are for the special friend who has a soft heart and endless patience. Give this person a friendship bracelet that will be enjoyed forever.

Made on a table loom using lilac seed beeds, variegated lilac and purple thread, orange sodalite beads and a Krobo spacer bead. The ends of the threads are gathered together with the sodalite beads, braided and anchored with the Krobo spacer.

To open or close, or make larger or smaller, pull down or push up the Krobo spacer.

If you would like a different color(s) in your bracelet, just email me and we will work together to create it.

Loom Woven Shades of Lilac Friendship Bracelet Loom Woven Shades of Lilac Friendship Bracelet

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